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Drivers can now unlock their vehicles with their smartphone

HELLA’s Smart Car Access technology gives drivers enhanced keyless entry.

Pioneer in automotive technology, HELLA, has revealed its newest development, Smart Car Access technology, which allows drivers hands free access to their vehicles through their smartphone.

Through secure Ultra Wide Band (UWB) communication, the connection between a smartphone and car allows a new user experience with comfort, best in class safety and security in mind.

From 50 metres away, the car connects with the phone, at 10 metres the headlights come on, when the driver is within six metres, the interior lights turn on and finally, at two metres, the car unlocks, side mirrors unfold and the seat adjusts to the driver’s preset measurements.

However, for complete peace of mind, the engine can only be started when the smartphone is inside the car, it relocks the doors when the driver is two metres away and users can still unlock their vehicle even if their phone battery is flat.

Moreover, for even greater security, the precise UWB connection ensures complete protection against relay attacks, meaning hackers cannot steal the digital key.

Naturally, drivers share their cars with others and for this, HELLA has created the ability for users to give their key to other smartphones, by simply swipping it across.

Ultimately, HELLA’s Smart Car Access technology is the future of vehicle access, providing comfort, security and safety to drivers.

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