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Penta Security debuts new solution for secure V2G EV charging

Penta Security Systems Inc., a provider of web, IoT, and data security solutions and services, is paving the way for reliable electric vehicle charging by adding an electric vehicle charging security solution, AutoCrypt V2G, to the world’s first comprehensive suite of security for intelligent transport systems, AutoCrypt.

Created through cooperation on interoperability and conformance with leading industry organisations including OmniAir Consortium and CharIN, AutoCrypt V2G provides a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system for authenticating and authorising all entities within the e-mobility service infrastructure. This enables the secure deployment of Plug&Charge, which is a method of simplified payments for EV charging via transmission of encrypted data from the vehicle to the charger when plugged in, charging, and processing automated payments.

Utilising OCPP to secure communication between charging supply and backend billing systems, and designed according to the leading ISO/IEC 15118 standard, AutoCrypt ensures essential security technologies, such as encryption and digital signatures, are used to protect EVs during charging.

Starting with Europe, AutoCrypt V2G is set to enter the EV charging market next year via a partnership with smart grid solution provider GridWiz and its Plug&Charge solution. This comes following the successful presentation of AutoCrypt at the 31st International Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition (EVS 31) and International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2018 (EVTeC 2018), one of the largest international events for electric vehicles, and consistent participation in ISO/IEC 15118 testing symposiums worldwide to ensure the wide applicability of AutoCrypt V2G.

Chief Technology Officer of Penta Security Systems, SangGyoo Sim emphasised how AutoCrypt addresses key concerns in the industry. He said, “To encourage widespread adoption of EVs, it is essential that the charging infrastructure is both secure and conforms to industry standards. Furthermore, as EV charging not only involves the charging process, but also the exchange of sensitive data, robust security is necessary for protecting data integrity and user privacy. AutoCrypt V2G ensures that all communications throughout the service infrastructure are adequately protected.”

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