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Pacific Current and AMPLY Power launch preferred partnership for fleet EV Charging Infrastructure

To promote fleet electric vehicle (EV) deployments within commercial fleets throughout Hawaii, Pacific Current, a subsidiary of Hawaii Electric Industries, has entered into a preferred partnership with charging infrastructure provider, AMPLY Power. The partnership allows Hawaii’s fleet operators of buses, trucks, vans, and cars to more rapidly migrate to electric vehicles through this innovative joint solution.

“After recently launching services for consumer electric vehicles, Pacific Current looks forward to partnering with AMPLY for fleet charging services, which require a complete approach to guarantee every electric fleet vehicle is fueled and ready to go,” said Justin Davidson, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Pacific Current. “Our partnership with AMPLY will further electrification in Hawaii by simplifying the fueling process for businesses looking to make the switch to electric vehicles.”

In March of 2019, the Hawaii PUC announced special charging rates for public and private electric buses, alongside announcing it’s 2045 carbon neutral climate plan. Alongside these two initiatives, Hawaii is still seeking ways to reduce the complexities and cost concerns operators have when making the switch to electric. The two companies aim to answer these concerns by providing vehicle solutions and charging infrastructure that guarantees uptime related to charging in exchange for a price-per-mile-driven billing model.

“To accelerate electric vehicle fleet adoption, in Hawaii and beyond, it’s important to make it as simple as possible for fleet operators,” said Vic Shao, CEO of AMPLY Power. “By establishing a relationship with Pacific Current, we now open the door to vehicle and management options for operators throughout Hawaii, making the switch to electric even easier.”

AMPLY provides comprehensive end-to-end services to fleet operators, including operational upgrades and utility interconnections, optimal charging strategy based on drive cycle and duty cycle, debt financing or grant funding for reducing capital expenditures, and implementing resiliency plans where needed. The company assumes the full financial responsibility of the utility account and provides the fleet with flat usage rates. AMPLY also performs onsite operations and maintenance services, and invests in technology upgrades as the needs of the fleet evolve.

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