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Greenlots expands EV fast charging infrastructure for Portland General Electric

Greenlots, a Shell New Energies subsidiary and leader in electric vehicle (EV) charging and energy management solutions, shared details of its work with Portland General Electric (PGE) to support the expansion of the utility’s Electric Avenue initiative.

PGE has recently unveiled new Electric Avenue locations in Milwaukie and Hillsboro, increasing access to reliable charging infrastructure in the Portland metro area. By leveraging Greenlots’ solutions, these communities are assembling the building blocks required to support an electric mobility future.

“Expanding the ‘Electric Avenue’ concept throughout the Metro region, originally pioneered by Oregonians in the early days of the modern EV market, fulfills a shared vision to ensure drivers of electric vehicles in communities of all sizes are connected by charging infrastructure powered by clean energy,” said Lynn Peterson, President of Portland’s Metro Council.

Enabling access to this next-generation charging infrastructure throughout the state will be key to meeting Governor Kate Brown’s goal to have at least 50,000 EVs on Oregon’s roads by 2020.

“Greenlots’ open standards-based charging technology is ideal for communities that are looking for scalable electric mobility solutions,” said Ashley Horvat, VP of Public & Private Partnerships at Greenlots and former Chief EV Officer in Oregon. “The Electric Avenue Network allows EV drivers to travel with confidence throughout the region and highlights PGE’s commitment to electrifying transportation. Indeed, PGE has served as a standard bearer for utilities throughout the country that were inspired by their early actions to help make Oregon a leader in clean transportation.”

Greenlots’ SKY EV Charging Network Software supports PGE with operating and managing its EV charging network by providing real-time charger health status, utilisation data, dynamic pricing capabilities and predictive analytics to identify future maintenance needs, all while providing a seamless charging experience for PGE’s customers.

The new stations in Milwaukie and Hillsboro both include four DC Fast Chargers (DCFC) and two Level 2 charging ports to accommodate nearly all varieties of electric cars. Together, PGE and Greenlots now manage 30 public and private chargers across eight Portland-area sites. So far, the companies have deployed eight out of a total of 24 high-powered chargers that are planned for installation in 2019 as a part of this project.

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