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FCA and DCS launch their joint charging service

Based on the partnership signed between FCA and Digital Charging Solutions GmbH, Jeep or Fiat EV-customers will have access to the digital service “My easy Charge”, offering them a single provider for the largest charging network in the world. With just one app and one single card the charging solution will provide access to more than 130,000 charge points in 21 European countries.

By signing up to the service, users will benefit from interacting with all the main operators in one go, from the same platform. Element of “My easy Charge” will be a website which features product information, tariffs, a charging network map and account management. Furthermore, the solution comprises an app for iOS and Android including intelligent route planning for finding charge stations conveniently at the destination or along a route, as well as the option of activating charge stations directly via the app.

As DCS is constantly expanding its charging network, the number of charge points available to “My easy Charge” customers is permanently increasing, to open up an even wider, more convenient and more accessible network to them.

“We are very happy  to now support FCA in realising their electro-mobility strategy with our expertise in developing and operating an integrated and seamless charging solution. For us this means a further step on the road to a widespread and easy-to-use-electromobility and we are looking forward to our further cooperation,” commented Markus Bartenschlager, Managing Director of the DCS.

This philosophy is shared by Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, whose e-Mobility division is committed to promoting the development of alternative mobility. To do so, FCA has developed an ecosystem modelled on its customers’ requirements, in order to facilitate access to electrified cars and make it simpler to use them every day.

“The partnership with DCS adds to the agreements FCA has already made with many companies that lead their respective sectors. If we want to make electric and electrified cars more attractive and accessible, we know that they must be sustainable, from both an environmental and an economical point of view. And if we want more and more people to choose to drive electrified cars we must ensure a smooth experience for all of them, free of charging anxiety. This is the path FCA has decided to take alongside DCS, working together towards the future of alternative mobility. Because with ‘My easy Charge’, we offer a unique, comfortable and convenient experience to people who choose one of our cars,” said Roberto Di Stefano, Head of e-Mobility FCA Region EMEA.

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