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eMotorWerks now integrated into its parent company’s brand, Enel X

Enel X, the Enel Group’s advanced energy services business line, launched its new electric mobility unit in North America by integrating the company’s US-based electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions subsidiary, formerly known as eMotorWerks, into the Enel X brand.

With the launch of this new unit, the company will add JuicePass, Enel X’s new EV charging app as well as eMotorWerks’ smart charging products, to its existing North American offering of energy solutions such as battery storage, demand response and energy advisory services.

“Today’s announcement represents Enel X’s view that smart charging can ensure grid balancing as well as cost-effective integration of clean energy into the grid,” said Preston Roper, Head of Enel X e-Mobility in North America. “With our smart EV charging solutions, the growing demand for electricity resulting from increased EV adoption can be met with renewable energy supply in a way that balances the grid while further decarbonizing the power and transport sectors. With an 80% increase in electric vehicle sales between 2017 and 2018 in the US, a trend which is confirmed in 2019 sales to date, there could not be a more urgent time to promote the benefits of smart EV charging.”

This strategic business decision combines Enel X’s global resources and energy sector know-how with eMotorWerks’ technological expertise in smart, grid-connected EV charging. Integrating smart charging into Enel X’s broad line of solutions to deliver renewable energy and manage commercial energy loads through demand response and on-site battery storage, Enel X can broaden the range of energy uses while meeting environmental and cost savings needs of businesses and consumers.

JuicePass offers users a single interface for Enel X’s portfolio of charging solutions, allowing customers to connect their JuiceBox as well as monitor and schedule EV charging. The EV charging app will constantly evolve in line with drivers’ needs and technological innovations in e-mobility while also expanding its functionalities, embedding new ancillary services offered by Enel X and third parties to offer customers an integrated mobility experience through a single touchpoint. JuicePass will manage the entire existing and future portfolio of Enel X charging solutions covering customers’ charging needs around the clock.

Other products, previously sold under the former eMotorWerks brand, including JuiceBox EV charging station, JuiceNet IoT cloud software and JuiceConnect software will also be offered as part of the Enel X suite of smart charging solutions.

Enel X’s e-Mobility business is at the forefront of solving one of the biggest challenges the power industry is currently facing: balancing the consumers’ growing and complex electricity demand with renewable energy supply. The Enel X technology allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles reliably, with the cleanest and most affordable power available on the grid, giving them more control over their energy use. Smart EV charging allows drivers to top up their EVs automatically, taking into account their charging needs, as well as the availability of renewable energy on the grid and the cost of energy during different times of the day.

In addition, Enel X smart charging allows utilities and grid operators to manage the overall electricity system in a more sustainable way, by shifting the time and rate of power delivery to EVs, with the aim to balance electricity demand and supply as well as increasing renewable penetration. Smart charging can also provide a range of services that assist utilities through fast modulation of energy flows from the grid to the vehicle, enabling real-time grid balancing and reductions in the cost of procuring energy, as well as integrating more renewable energy. Having a balanced, controllable electric grid also helps grid operators defer expensive system upgrades, potentially saving utility customers money and increasing utility returns.

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