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Alliander to sell Allego

Grid company Alliander has started talks with interested parties for the sale of its subsidiary Allego. Allego, which was established in 2013, realises customised charging solutions and charging infrastructure for local authorities, private companies and transport firms, and is active in a growing number of European countries. E-transport increases tremendously and with a new partner, Allego will be in an even better position to meet the next phase of rapid international growth.

Through Allego in 2013, Alliander was one of the first companies to offer solutions for charging electric vehicles. Alliander wanted to understand the impact of e-charging on the power grid and to develop solutions to avoid the need for unnecessary public investment in electricity networks. Over the past five years, Allego has made a major contribution to the creation of a charging infrastructure in the Netherlands and beyond, and has gained a key position in this area.

Alliander CEO Ingrid Thijssen said: “The market for e-driving is undergoing massive growth. Within the next 12 years, all new cars in the Netherlands will be emission-free. This requires an appropriate infrastructure consisting of hundreds of thousands of new charging points. Similar developments are taking place in other countries in which Allego is active. With a new parent company, Allego will be in an even better position to enter this next phase. Furthermore, Allego’s activities are less well suited to Alliander’s risk profile. Alliander invests in innovative solutions to ensure a reliable, affordable and accessible future energy system, but will move away from activities which no longer suit us.”

In terms of e-transport, Alliander’s role over the next few years will be to connect the hundreds of thousands of new charging points to the Dutch electricity grid in time. We will continue to work on smart applications in order to keep the social costs of e-transport to a minimum. For instance, we are running various pilot projects for smart charging in order to avoid having to make costly investments in the network.

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