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Voom and Cabify join forces in Mexico City to give passengers the most convenient travel experience

Voom has announced its partnership with Cabify to deliver a seamless ground-to-air travel experience in Mexico City. The partnership – named “Cabify Air”- is committed to delivering the most seamless and convenient travel experience in one of the world’s most congested cities.

Mexico City is notorious for its congested roadways. In fact, the city ranked #1 in terms of road congestion in the world according to the 2017 TomTom Traffic Index. Accordingly, there is a tremendous opportunity to develop new mobility solutions in the city. Voom + Cabify are introducing one such model by letting customers take to the skies to avoid road traffic. With its pooling technology, Voom is able to offer flights for 80–90% less than traditional helicopter services. As a result, helicopter flights are now a viable and affordable solution to those looking to escape city traffic, particularly those who are travelling to the city’s airports.

Cabify and Voom are both on a mission to build the cities of the future, which includes new and innovative models of transportation. The two companies launched a similar partnership in São Paulo, Brazil in 2017. Given the success of the partnership in that city, the companies have extended the service to Mexico City.

“Voom launched its service in Mexico City just over 4 months ago. Every day since then we have saved our clients time by enabling them to take to the skies. We are not only focused on making helicopter travel more accessible, but we are also committed to improving the quality of life for those who endure hours of traffic in their daily lives. The partnership with Cabify will further this mission and ensure that residents of Mexico City have a seamless ground-to-air-to-ground transportation solution to better navigate the city,” said Uma Subramanian, CEO of Voom.

“We have been working with Voom since 2017 as we share a common vision to improve the quality of life for people in urban areas. Our goal is to position Cabify as a Mobility-as-a-Service platform, where we go beyond transporting people in ground vehicles. We want to go further and continue to evolve by adding more integrated transport alternatives,” said Alejandro Sisniega, General Director of Cabify Mexico.

Voom flies between 4 helipads strategically located in key points across the city — Montes Urales, Interlomas, Mexico City International Airport and International Airport of Toluca.

Here’s how Cabify Air works:

From the Cabify app, passengers will see the “Cabify Air” option alongside other ground transport options. Once selected, passengers will be taken to the Voom mobile site to book their flights. Passengers then travel to the departure helipad via Cabify. Finally, they fly to their destination with Voom and are picked up upon landing by Cabify. All Cabify customers within the city limits of Mexico City will see the helicopter option in the Cabify app. Cabify customers can fly with Voom Monday through Friday between 6am — 8pm CT.

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