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Uber acquires Routematch to help cities provide more accessible public transportation

Uber announced that it has acquired Routematch, an industry-leading software provider serving more than 500 transit agency partners in urban, suburban, and rural communities around the world.

With over two decades of experience, Routematch has partnered with large and small transit agencies, starting locally in the US and expanding globally. With some of the longest-tenured relationships in the industry, the company is trusted to deliver accessible and inclusive technologies for riders of all abilities. Its mission is creating sustainable mobility ecosystems that leave no person behind.

This acquisition brings together Uber’s expertise in on-demand, global mobility technologies with Routematch’s proven capabilities across paratransit, payments, fixed-route tools, and trip planning services. Both companies believe it will create new innovations that make it easier for agencies to provide the right transportation solutions to their riders, through an expanded suite of technologies.

Public transportation will always be a vital artery that connects people to their cities and towns. But there are many challenges that simply did not exist when fixed route services and systems were created decades ago. The two companies believe that inclusive transportation software can help transit agencies deliver more value for riders, businesses, and communities.

The aquisition will bring together ideas, products, and insights from both team’s collective expertise. As allies of public transit, they will be finding new ways their technologies can improve transit riders’ end-to-end experiences, and expand accessibility even further for those who need it.

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