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Ola Bike expands into 150 cities across India

Two-wheelers are at the heart of India’s mobility ecosystem and are a preferred mode of getting around in large cities and small towns alike. Ola, India’s largest mobility platform and one of the world’s largest ride-hailing companies, announced the expansion of its Ola Bike offering to 150 cities across the country, strengthening its position as India’s largest player in the micro-mobility space.

Sustaining its continued growth, the company plans to scale up its presence and introduce the category in hundreds of new towns and cities over the next 12 months. With Ola Bike, the company is making inroads into the hinterlands of India, enabling hundreds of millions of Indians to have access to affordable, reliable and convenient on-demand transportation, something only their counterparts in the larger cities thus far have been able to enjoy.

Being ubiquitous across India, two-wheelers are popular for being a more economical, nimble and quicker alternative to cars and buses. As one of Ola’s fastest-growing categories, Ola Bike is a dynamic commuting solution that enables first and last-mile connectivity in large cities to help manoeuvre through the congested roads and a primary mobility solution in small towns, where alternative mobility options are unpredictable and unreliable. The introduction of the offering stems from Ola’s commitment to extend seamless mobility solutions across the country and bridge the gaps within India’s mobility ecosystem.

Arun Srinivas, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at Ola said, “Ola Bike offers consumers, a smart, innovative and affordable mobility solution; this is an offering that truly reflects our mission to build mobility for a billion people! Ola Bike has enabled citizens from the smallest of towns such as Chapra in Bihar to large metropolitan areas such as Gurgaon with access to quick, reliable and affordable mobility”

He further added, “Ola has revolutionised mobility in India with unique offerings across cabs, auto-rickshaws and more, and we are excited to bring the same experience to hundreds of millions of Indians through Ola Bike. Ola Bike is also helping build sustainable livelihoods for our fast-growing network of close to 300,000 partners from within these ecosystems of cities and towns, creating opportunities like never before for the youth of the nation. We aim to impact over a million Bike-partners in the coming year.”

Ola Bike was first introduced in 2016 as a last-mile mobility solution in Gurgaon, Faridabad and Jaipur. The popularity of the service amongst both Bike-partners and customers has encouraged Ola to introduce the category in various new markets – from large urban metropolitans such as Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Kolkata to small towns such as  Gaya in Bihar, Bikaner in Rajasthan and Mughalsarai in Uttar Pradesh. As India’s largest mobility platform that enables millions of Indians to have access to a range of mobility offerings, Ola is leveraging its synergies and capabilities to offer bikes on its platform and better serve the mobility needs of every Indian.

With its expansion into more towns and cities across India, Ola Bike has also opened up new employment avenues for potential Bike-partners. Across its various mobility offerings, Ola hosts the largest network of over 2 million driver-partners ensuring a regular source of income for them. Ola Bike will be instrumental in creating meaningful livelihood opportunities for the semi-educated and semi-skilled workforce in the country across large cities and small towns alike.

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