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OjO Electric launches sit-down electric scooter rideshare programme

OjO Electric, LLC, a Light Electric Vehicle (LEV) mobility solutions company, announced that they will provide the first ever commute-focused electric scooter rideshare in Austin, Texas in partnership with Austin Commuter Scooter, LLC, a subsidiary of Bike Share of Austin, the operator of the Austin B-cycle System.

“OjO Electric is taking shared-use scooters to the next level, greatly improving the accessibility and range of scooters with our groundbreaking commuter scooter, equipped with a seat, so riders can stand or sit,” said Max Smith, CEO of OjO Electric.

OjO is committed to collaborating with local governments to protect the public’s right-of-way while providing first and last mile mobility solutions. Built for the bike lane and streets, off sidewalks and away from pedestrians, the OjO scooter is a safe, sustainable and structurally sound scooter for today’s expanding rideshare market.

OjO has a swappable 48-volt lithium ion battery that allows it to go 50 miles on a full charge. In addition, the patented and powerful HyperGear hub motor propels the OjO scooter to bike-lane-legal top speeds of 20mph. In Austin, the OjO scooter will debut with a top speed of 20 mph to comply with City of Austin Transportation Department regulations.

OjO has the ability to control speeds and geo-fence locations with CalAmp telematics and its newly developed application technology.

“We are excited to help bring OjO’s innovative scooter to market and provide a scooter that current riders and the rest of us can ride comfortably,” said Elliott McFadden, Executive Director of Bike Share of Austin, the parent company of Austin Commuter Scooter (ACS). “We think it says a lot about Austin that OjO would decide to make this its first launch market, and we are happy to provide our operational expertise and first rate customer service to make it a success.”

OjO and ACS will share data on scooter usage and ride trends, which is possible with the scooter’s on-board telemetry with live-feed data transmission to share vehicle performance and information.  This will help optimise the performance as well as address any potential maintenance issues.  This functionality is in line with OjO’s mandate to ensure maximum rider safety and superior user experience.

Additionally, unlike other scooter offerings, the OjO includes audible feedback through on-board speakers. This includes navigation, traffic alerts, construction zones, geo-fence approaches, speed reduction zone alerts and nearby docking location alerts.  Users will also be able to connect via Bluetooth and play stored or streaming music through the on-board speakers.

“ACS understanding of the local Austin market and expertise in hands-on deployments makes this unique partnership the ideal launching pad for OjO’s entry into scooter rideshare in the country’s 11th largest city,” said Max Smith. “Our OjO scooter is unique — it’s unlike anything the rideshare scooter market has seen and our rider experience is the safest on the streets.”

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