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NSK to exhibit its electrification solutions at Tokyo Motor Show 2019

NSK Ltd. will be exhibiting new products and technologies at Tokyo Motor Show. NSK’s wildly popular ASHITA-MIRAI LAB (Future Research Lab) will make a return to the show for a third time, focusing on how they are creating new mobility solutions for the society as part of their vision for the future.

NSK products and technologies are being widely used in the rapidly emerging fields of electric vehicles (EV), autonomous driving, and driving-assistance. At Tokyo Motor Show 2019, the company will focus on the electrification of components for driving, steering, and stopping motor vehicles. The company is also working toward achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and will be exhibiting a special clean and renewable energy project aimed at producing electricity from waves of the ocean to power EVs.

The Seamless Two-Speed eAxle Concept contributes to the development of smaller, more efficient EV motor systems. NSK’s traction reducer can realise around a 30% reduction in size, enabling EV to hold more battery cells, and thereby travel further without recharging. The two-speed design enables both smooth acceleration and stable high speed driving. NSK’s magnetostrictive torque sensor feeds torque data to the motor to enable “shock-free” gear changing.

Cluster Rover Module Concept realises driving, turning, and stopping functionality all in a single compact unit that is ideal for autonomous vehicles. The Cluster Rover Module is designed to be employed in modular fashion, using just a couple for small vehicles and adding more units as the size of the vehicle increases. As autonomous vehicle technology continues to make headways in taxi, bus, and trucking industries, switching to the Cluster Rover Module can help achieve autonomous driving more easily, and also contribute to reducing CO2 emissions.

NSK and a Swedish venture company are collaborating to develop a system to capture the power of waves in the ocean. The motion of each wave actuates a ball screw, creating rotational motion that is converted into energy. Compared to the sun and wind, waves are highly consistent (constant) and the technology holds promise as a round-the-clock renewable energy solution.

The company is also engaged in developing technology to transmit power from renewables and other sources to motor vehicles for immediate use. They are collaborating with Tokyo University and other companies to develop a wireless charging system that can charge vehicle batteries wirelessly from coils embedded in the road while driving or stopped at red lights. The technology is being developed under an open innovation framework.

NSK will also be exhibiting a lineup of high quality components supporting essential driving, turning, and stopping functionality of motor vehicles. This includes Tapered Roller Bearings for Lean Lubrication Conditions in EV (World Premier), Ultra-High-Speed Ball Bearings for EV Motors, and Ultra-High-Speed Needle Bearings for Planetary Gear Units.

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