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Kuwait Airways and PAL-V sign MoU to bring Flying Cars to the Gulf region

PAL-V and Kuwait Airways signed an MOU as the next step in the development of their partnership for the maintenance and possible use of PAL-Vs by Kuwait Airways. Last year PAL-V introduced the PAL-V Liberty to the GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) in Kuwait and received great interest from the region. PAL-V is currently exploring further cooperation with partners in the Gulf region to expand its business in the region.

The intention is that Kuwait Airways maintenance facilities that comply to the very high standards of EASA will be servicing PAL-V products. This ensures PAL-V customers of the highest level of customer support. “Having a well-known maintenance partner like Kuwait Airways in the GCC is a big step for us to expand our business in the region,”  said Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V. “Using their expertise in maintaining the PAL-V and having one of the leading airlines in the GCC as a partner is great for the development of our company.”

Furthermore, Kuwait Airways will start to explore the possibility to use the PAL-V for their own operation offering their customers a “last mile” solution. “Because the PAL-V can use the same airports that we are using it is a vehicle that can provide our customers with a “last mile” solution. FlyDriving them to where they need to go which will offer our customer a door-to-door journey instead of airport to airport,” said Kamil H. Al-Awadhi, CEO of Kuwait Airways.

The PAL-V only needs a small airstrip of 300m long in order to take-off and land which doesn’t need to be a paved runway. The strips can be created in close proximity to urban areas where people are not disturbed by the presence of the airstrip. PAL-V can drive the last mile to the destination, making the PAL-V a true door-to-door solution for the airport-to-city journey. The PAL-V can reach a landing strip near a city 400km away in just 2.5 hours, after that the conversion only takes 5 minutes and one can drive your last miles into the city.

PAL-V is currently taking orders in the region and because of the great interest in the GCC, PAL-V has chosen the GCC as one of the three regions to deliver the PAL-V Liberty Pioneer edition. The limited edition of the PAL-V Liberty of which only 90 pieces are to be made, will be the very first flying cars that will be delivered in each country.

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