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HyreCar expands in three more states in the US

HyreCar the peer-to-peer carsharing platform announced its launch into three additional states including Hawaii, Iowa, and Minnesota.

HyreCar is a digital platform that facilitates carsharing for ridesharing, with on-demand services like Lyft and Uber. The dual-sided marketplace empowers vehicle owners to monetize their idle vehicle assets while providing reliable solutions for drivers who do not have their own qualifying vehicles.

“We’re extremely excited to expand into these three markets, as we have experienced growing demand from local drivers. We’re eager to welcome entrepreneurial vehicle owners and rideshare drivers the opportunity to participate in the sharing economy in a meaningful way by leveraging HyreCar to generate passive income,” said Joe Furnari, Chief Executive Officer.

HyreCar currently operates in 35 states across the United States and is continually expanding into new markets. The peer-to-peer platform was created to embolden entrepreneurship by leveraging technology to become the leader in automotive asset sharing. Drivers and vehicle owners alike can utilize the platform to create an opportunity for themselves where one did not previously exist. By providing a safe, secure, and reliable marketplace.

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