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Groupe PSA’s Free2Move adds dedicated solutions for EVs

Free2Move, an app created for regular car users by Groupe PSA, is now expanding its offering with new solutions dedicated to electrified vehicle charging.

The app acts as a real driving companion allowing users to pay for parking (on the street or in car parks), book a parking space in train stations and airports, enjoy valet parking and breeze through tolls with the tag provided, all in a single monthly bill. These services are accessible from a smartphone and on the screen of Groupe PSA cars equipped with smart navigation systems.

The new Charging Pass allows users to locate and access charging stations compatible with their vehicle. On top of comprehensive mapping, it makes a pre-selection based on distance, as well as the speed and price of the charge. Once the station is selected, the application guides the user to it, displaying the best route directly on the car’s screen or via a smartphone.

With more than 85,000 locations in January 2019, Free2Move Services has the largest network of public charging stations in Europe.

Complementing the Charging Pass, the Trip Planner proposes the best route to drivers based on analysis of the vehicle’s residual autonomy and its use (speed, air conditioning, etc.). Users can prepare their trip, be guided and make sure they stop at charging stations whenever necessary. The Trip Planner offers drivers reassurance, allowing them to choose an optimal route with well-placed charging stations and estimate the length of the drive, including charging time.

The new dedicated services will be available from the launch of Groupe PSA’s new electrified cars in 2019.

Free2Move Services relies on a digital platform created together by Groupe PSA and Capgemini, which offers many connected services to manufacturers and drivers.

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