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Getaround launches keyless ride-sharing services in Miami

Getaround, the carsharing platform that empowers users to instantly rent and drive cars shared by people in their city, announced its availability in Miami.

Car owners can reduce the financial burden of car ownership, and even make some fun money, by listing their car on the platform. People share everything from sporty convertibles to practical sedans and earn thousands in extra income. Each car is equipped with Getaround Connect, a proprietary technology that enables people to rent, locate and unlock the car using the Getaround app. Residents and visitors of Miami can instantly rent nearby cars without meeting the owner to exchange keys or waiting in line at a rental car company.

“It’s been our vision to drive change that has global impact, yet also positively affects local communities,” said Sam Zaid, CEO and co-founder of Getaround. “Our platform radically disrupts traditional car ownership by empowering those with cars to earn money on an often idle asset, and providing those who choose to live car-free with a hassle-free and convenient way to grab a car when they need one.”

In addition to creating economic opportunity for Miami locals, Getaround is investing in the South Florida area. Overseeing the Miami market is General Manager, Nick Chong, who has brought on a dozen local employees to help ensure a successful expansion into the area. Chong¬†has partnered with several auto-body shops and regional vendors to support the company’s continued growth.

“As a long time Miami local, I’ve been thrilled to have watched the city boom,” said Chong. “With growth comes more people, more visitors and more cars on the road, resulting in congestion, traffic and a strain on our local transit system. Miami is ripe for a new, sustainable transportation option, and I’m confident Getaround will make an immediate impact on the city’s traffic and congestion.”

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