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Getaround launches its car-sharing platform in Denver

Getaround, the car-sharing platform that empowers users to instantly rent and drive cars owned by people in their neighbourhood, announced its expansion to Denver, Colorado.

Residents who live car-free, or who need a specialty car for trips to the mountains or a move across town, can now instantly rent cars in their neighbourhood, by the hour or day, through the Getaround iOS or Android applications.

Car owners in the city looking to reduce the financial burden of car ownership and let people in their community take advantage of their vehicle can now earn money by listing and sharing their car on the Getaround marketplace.

“As we approach the holiday travel season and, of course, ski season, we’re thrilled to bring our carsharing platform to Denver,” said Sam Zaid, Co-founder and CEO of Getaround. “Today, consumers demand accessibility, variety and instant gratification, and Getaround addresses all of those needs. Residents and visitors of Denver not only have an opportunity to embrace Getaround’s eco-friendly ethos, but they’ll also have fun renting a Subaru, Tesla or hybrid SUV to explore the city and beyond.”

Car-sharing with Getaround is a major part of the sustainability movement, and cities like Denver are encouraged to partner with Getaround as the platform leverages the cars already on the road to reduce traffic and congestion.

“Nearly one-in-five downtown Denver households don’t own vehicles, but those that do, often have multiple cars for special use cases, such as a second car just for the mountains,” said Zach Houck, General Manager of Getaround Denver. “Those residents can now instantly monetise their primary car, or extra car that’s used occasionally, while also providing a sustainable way for car-free locals and tourists to enjoy Denver.”

Each car on the platform is equipped with Getaround Connect, a proprietary technology that enables renters to locate and unlock the car using the app, removing the need to meet the owner in-person for a manual key exchange. By operating exclusively through the app and online, Getaround also removes the paperwork traditionally associated with car rentals. Getaround touts all-inclusive safety features, such as insurance and 24/7 roadside assistance, for which many rental services charge extra.

Additionally, the company has partnered with several auto-body shops and regional vendors to support the company’s continued growth. With this expansion, Getaround is now operating in 90 cities across the US.

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