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Brazilian mobility service provider Wappa to operate in more than 22 countries through partnership with Splyt

In partnership with Splyt, users of the Wappa app, a taxi management platform focused primarily on the corporate market, will be able to use the app in 22 countries around the world. Rides abroad will have lower IOF than the international credit card, generating savings of 6% per booking.

Wappa, a São Paulo-based taxi management platform, has partnered with Splyt, a London-based company, to serve its customers in more than 22 countries in Latin America, North America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe. By December, there will be 37 countries. The partnership will benefit more than 1 million users of the 6,000 companies registered on the platform.

Splyt is a roaming service that transforms local businesses into global ones allowing application users to use the platform anywhere in the world. Wappa is now available in more than 700 cities in Brazil and Portugal. Now users of the app will also be able to use it in more than 380 cities in Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Belgium, France, Poland, Russia, Saudi Arabia, China, Nigeria, among others.

“Splyt connects Wappa with taxis in 22 countries and by December will be 37. So Brazilian users who are traveling to any of these regions can request a taxi through the platform. Among the advantages is the convenience for our client that will not need to download other applications when outside Brazil, the use of the app in Portuguese and a saving of 6% in each ride, since using Wappa since the IOF cost will be less than the international credit card surcharge. In addition, companies will continue to receive reports of their employees’ rides in any country where they are working, ensuring full control of expense, and employees will no longer have to request reimbursement of taxi costs” explains Wappa’s Chief Financial Officer Bruno Freitas.

Companies that use Wappa already save on average 40% with taxis as their employees book vehicles via app. The platform allows companies to have 100% control over the transportation of employees, eliminating receipts and reimbursements, allowing a wide management of this expense, when dividing charges by departments.

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