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Bird Introduces its new e-Scooter, Bird One

Bird announced Bird One—the newest vehicle in its fleet that riders can purchase or enjoy on the global shared network.

Designed and engineered in the US by Bird’s vehicle team, Bird One is the culmination of tens of millions of rides, cutting edge product design and engineering, safety certifications, and rigorous road tests. Bird One will also be available for people to ride as part of Bird’s shared fleet of e-scooters.

Building on its innovation roots and commitment to safety and sustainability, Bird also announced that it will migrate its fleet of shared e-scooters to commercial-grade vehicles such as the Bird Zero and Bird One. The micromobility company will use its M365 model for monthly personal rentals and is no longer purchasing the Ninebot ES. The move aims to provide consumers using shared e-scooters with commercial grade, built for purpose and sustainable vehicles on the road.

“Nearly two years ago, we launched our sharing business with retail, consumer e-scooters that lasted about three months in the sharing environment. In 2018, we introduced the industry’s first scooter designed and engineered specifically for the sharing market, Bird Zero. Resulting from the commercial-grade aspects of Bird Zero, it lasts over 10 months in the sharing environment on average and is now profitable due to its increased lifespan and battery capacity,” said Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird.

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