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Valmet Automotive to showcase Battery Management System at Aachen Colloquium

Valmet Automotive is working on possibilities for standardised, optimal communication and data transmissions from single-cells to the Battery Management System (BMS). An important aspect is the compatibility with current and future safety requirements for all-electric vehicles. The company will present the first results at the 28th Aachen Motor Colloquium.

“Over the past decade, conventional wired BMS has served the electrification of vehicles well. But with the growing number of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), along with the demand for longer ranges and the use of larger batteries, the time has come to intensively consider the further development of the BMS”, emphasised Dr. Robert Hentschel, Senior Vice President Valmet Automotive.

In a BMS based on single-cell monitoring, in which the data is transmitted independently via an NFC connection, Dr. Martin Lenz, Director of Electrics/Electronics Valmet Automotive, sees one of the most promising solutions for the future: “This technology has the potential on one hand to reduce the battery package by 10% and BMS cost by 25 %. On the other hand it guaranties already cell monitoring in cell production and later on the traceability of each cell for the battery manufacturer and the pack user.”

At the same time, the solution provides real-time access to a variety of data that are not available on today’s systems. Principle and data ensure increased measurement accuracy, reliability and safety of the battery system. Although there are still some hurdles to overcome, Martin Lenz is convinced that the results so far justify a further intensive examination of the topic.

Experts from Valmet Automotive will provide the BMS based on single-cell monitoring at the 28th Aachen Vehicle and Engine Technology Colloquium, taking place on Oct. 7–9. The technology will be demonstrated there on a 48-Volt-Module.

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