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Toyota extends Mirai FCEV loan programme in Australia

Two Toyota Mirai Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEVs) have been delivered to AusNet Services and Mondo and Hydrogen Mobility Australia (HMA) as part of Toyota Australia’s ongoing hydrogen vehicle loan program. AusNet Services, Mondo and HMA will use the Mirai FCEVs on road in a range of conditions as part of research into the efficiency, usage and benefits of hydrogen technology.

During the loan periods, which range from one to three months, the Mirai FCEVs will be refuelled using a mobile hydrogen refueller at Toyota Australia’s former manufacturing site in Altona in Melbourne’s west.

Toyota Australia’s Manager of Advanced Technology Vehicles, Matt MacLeod, said the loans to AusNet Services, Mondo and HMA were an opportunity to highlight that the Mirai FCEVs drive just like any other car.

“There is a common misconception that hydrogen-electric vehicles, like the Mirai FCEV, drive differently. Besides making very little noise and emitting nothing but water vapour from the tailpipe the only real difference with the Mirai FCEV is that it uses a different fuel source, hydrogen, for which there is very little infrastructure available here in Australia. That is obviously a large hurdle that must be overcome to enable car makers to introduce this technology, especially ahead of impending CO2 regulations,” he added.

Mondo Executive General Manager, Chad Hymas, said involvement in the Mirai loan program helps raise the profile of hydrogen and further the discussion across sectors. “Participation in the Toyota Mira loan program demonstrates our continued commitment to the future of renewable energy in Australia,” he said.

Hydrogen Mobility Australia CEO Claire Johnson said the Mirai loan program will support HMA’s advocacy and education efforts while showcasing fuel cell technology.

Toyota Australia, AusNet Services and Mondo are members of Hydrogen Mobility Australia.

The announcement of the AusNet Services and Mondo and HMA loan programs follow the first Mirai FCEV trial with Hobson’s Bay City Council announced last year.

“In November last year, we announced a three month Australian first trial of hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles with Hobson’s Bay City Council,” Mr MacLeod said. “That trial has gone very well and we’re happy to report that we have extended the trial for an additional two months.”

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