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Tesla to build its European Gigafactory near Berlin

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, confirmed that the location of the automaker’s Gigafactory 4 would be near Berlin. Musk said at an event in the German capital that the company was searching for employees to build the factory.

During the third quarter results, the automaker had said that it was in the last stages of finalising the location of its European Gigafactory. The new plant will be built near the new Airport in Berlin.

The American EV maker is slated to produce batteries, powertrains and vehicles starting with the Model Y at the German location, Musk revealed in a tweet. The European production is planned to begin in 2021.

Tesla has been undertaking trial production of its vehicles at its Gigafactory 3 located in China. The EV maker seems to be waiting for government approval to start selling made in China vehicles in the local market.

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