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Tesla to begin deliveries of the Model Y by mid-March

In an e-mail notification to customers holding pre-orders for the Model Y in the US, Tesla confirmed that it will begin deliveries of the smaller SUV from March 15. Earlier, the company had begun production of the model in limited numbers since January this year.

Unveiled in March last year, the Model Y is an electric crossover based on Tesla’s bestseller, the Model 3. At the time of unveil, Tesla had promised deliveries of the higher-end versions during the fall of 2020. The Model Y sports a range of up to 300 miles.

At the time of announcing results for the previous quarter, Tesla had confirmed that it had been ramping up production of the Model Y ahead of schedule. The new crossover is being manufactured at the Fremont factory in California.

Model Y with Performance configuration are being delivered first according to media reports. Deliveries of the ‘Dual Motor’ version  and the ‘Standard Range+’ are expected to follow soon, however no dates have been set for the same.

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