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Sono Motors’ solar EV to go on sale in 2019

German EV start-up, Sonos Motors, said that it would be launching its solar energy powered vehicle, Sion EV in 2019. The vehicle is fitted with solar cells on its body panels.

These solar panels charge the battery even when the car is being driven. Along with solar chargers, the battery can also be charged via conventional EV chargers.

The solar cell system called viSono, has 330 integrated solar cells. These cells would be located on the car’s roof, sides as well as the hood. The cells are covered in a lighweight polycarbonate enclosure which is also shatterproof as well as weather resistant.

The Sion EV’s battery system has a range of 250 kilometres. The solar cells add another 30 kilometres range per day under favourable conditions.

Sonos has received a pre-order of around 6.500 units The production is slated to begin in the second half of 2019, and is expected to be priced at around €16,000 ($18,540).

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