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Nikola to not use PowerCell’s fuel cell stacks in serial production truck

PowerCell has been informed that Nikola Motors does not plan to use PowerCell’s fuel cell stacks in their trucks once they start the serial production. The reason  for this is that PowerCell could not accept Nikola’s terms for a continued cooperation.

“The tests have been going well but since we viewed Nikola’s proposed business terms as totally unacceptable, and turned them down, Nikola has decided to discontinue our cooperation for serial production,” said Per Wassén, CEO of PowerCell.

In 2017 Powercell was appointed primary supplier of fuel cell stacks to Nikola. PowerCell has delivered fuel cell stacks for the prototype fuel cell systems that Bosch has developed and delivered to Nikola for tests. The fuel cell systems were built around the PowerCell’s S3 fuel cell stack, featuring high energy density and a very compact design. Nikola has received the results from tests of PowerCell S3, carried out by PowerCell and Bosch in their own laboratories for Nikola.

“The stacks have performed well, and we have achieved the needed performance,” commented Per Wassén, CEO of PowerCell. “PowerCell could however not accept the business terms proposed by Nikola for a continued cooperation, why Nikola has announced that they do not plan to use our stacks when they start serial production of their trucks.”

“We wish Nikola the best of luck in the future,” continued Per Wassén. “PowerCell will continue to focus our efforts on the other automotive OEMs that are now increasing their efforts within fuel cells and hydrogen to tackle the unavoidable transformation of the automotive industry.”

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