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Meritor announces expansion of its Electric-Drive Systems offering

Meritor, Inc. announced an expansion of its electric drivetrain solutions by launching the 12Xe™ powertrain for Class 4, 5, 6 and 7 applications and introducing the 17Xe powertrain for heavy-duty 4×2 and 6×2 trucks.

“These powertrain solutions from our Blue Horizon product portfolio are engineered to fit multiple vehicle applications to meet customer needs now and in the future,” said John Bennett, Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for Meritor. “Meritor’s expanding range of next-generation technologies that include comprehensive solutions for standard axles, remote- mount configurations or fully electric powertrain systems furthers our goal of becoming the electric drivetrain supplier of choice.”

The 12Xe powertrain’s modular design uses many of the same components as Meritor’s 14Xe full-electric powertrain now undergoing testing with fleets. Testing of the 12Xe powertrain starts next year, and production launch begins in 2021. The 12Xe powertrain expands Meritor’s electric solutions coverage into Class 4 and 5 applications and into Class 6 and 7 applications with wheels as small as 17.5 inches, without sacrificing ground clearance.

Vehicle manufacturers can choose from a range of wheel-ends, brakes, transmissions and differential gearing, all tailored to meet the vehicle’s duty-cycle. The electric motor can be scaled to specific vehicle requirements and delivers 150, 180 or 200 kilowatts of continuous power and 250 kilowatts of peak power. The 12Xe powertrain is available with several differential options, including differential lock and a limited slip differential.

Meritor also developed the 17Xe powertrain that will deliver 420 kilowatts of continuous power and 450 kilowatts of peak power, and packaged it to fit easily into the rails of 4×2 trucks. In Europe, applications include 44-ton heavy-duty long-haul trucks, medium-duty 27-ton refuse vehicles, 19.5- and 26.5-ton intercity buses and 26.5-ton coaches. It will also fit 40- and 60-foot city buses in North America.

Meritor’s new two- and three-speed dual countershaft transmission is optional on the 12Xe and 14Xe powertrains. The transmission, coupled with the right-sized motor, delivers improved vehicle performance compared to a single-speed or direct-drive system. Each variant of the transmission is built with compact gear range splits to deliver efficient and high-performing operation. The three-speed version extends the performance envelope over the two-speed version to deliver higher startability and top speed.

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