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KPMG comments on the Electric Vehicle announcements from the Queen’s Speech

Graham Armitage, partner and co-lead of mobility ecosystem at KPMG UK commented on the Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill announced in the Queen’s Speech. He said:

“The announcement of an Automated and Electric Vehicles Bill is a welcome one. The mobility ecosystem – how people and goods get from A to B – will be fundamentally disrupted by the development of electric vehicles, autonomous vehicles and Mobility as a Service.

“The bill seeks to address key factors which could delay the wider roll out of these new technologies. Whilst requiring the installation of charge points at motorway service areas and large fuel retailers only helps with certain types of journeys, charging at home and at workplaces is equally as important. The intention for a set of common technical and operational standards represents a substantial move forward in terms of convenient access to a national charging network. Additionally, the planned extension of compulsory motor vehicle insurance, to cover the use of automated vehicles, also addresses a key part of the necessary regulation to enable the use of these vehicles on UK roads.

“In the UK, we have structural advantages that should allow us to be early adopters of new mobility technologies. The economic and social benefit of connected and autonomous vehicles in the UK alone could be worth over £50 billion per year by 2030, and the opportunity to make the UK a key global hub for a new mobility ecosystem is enormous. But, success will only come through an unprecedented degree of collaboration across government and business, so this opportunity needs to be grasped quickly, and the new bill is certainly a step in the right direction.”

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