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Hella to present future concepts at the IAA 2019

The lighting and electronics expert Hella will be presenting solutions for the mobility of the future at the IAA in Frankfurt, Germany’s largest motor show, from September 10 to 15, 2019. Under the motto “Exceed possibilities,” the main focus will be on lighting and electronic solutions with a view to the megatrends of electromobility and automated driving.

The company will demonstrate its software and hardware expertise in the lighting sector, as well as its position as a leading supplier of high-performance key components and a strong subsystem supplier in the electronics sector.

In the “Efficiency & Electrification” complex of topics, for example, a concept vehicle will illustrate how various lighting and electronics products support the various stages of electrification and function in the overall system in electric or hybrid vehicles. Hella will also focus on its competence as an electronics subsystem supplier, presenting the new battery solutions for mild hybrids – the Dual Voltage Battery Management System and the PowerPack48V.

In order to make autonomous driving more tangible, trade fair visitors will experience a completely redesigned interior in a vehicle. Different lighting solutions support various automated driving scenarios and contribute to customisation and comfort while driving. Car body lighting in particular plays an important role in communicating with other road users.

In the course of the “Front of the car” approach, new concepts are also being developed for the vehicle front, in which lighting and electronic components are seamlessly integrated into the body, thus offering new styling and functional possibilities. High-resolution, digital headlamp technologies contribute to safety while driving, as do electronic products such as radar sensors, LiDAR, camera software, and SHAKE technology – whether in manual or autonomous operation.

Furthermore, Hella is bundling its sensor and data processing solutions in a targeted manner in order to map even complex subfunctions of autonomous driving, such as automated parking (valet parking).

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