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BMW to introduce intelligent hybrids that switch off combustion engines in highly polluted areas

BMW is planning to implement a new technology that forces its hybrid vehicles to run solely on its electric motor when it enters highly polluted inner-city areas.

The German automaker believes that this technology can also be implemented when the vehicles enter emission-free zones that are being introduced in many major cities around the world. This would mean that  BMW’s hybrid cars will be at par with its electric counterparts in terms of emissions in these clean air zones.

BMW will be using the connectivity and navigations features loaded in its cars to enable this technology. Hybrid cars like BMW’s new X5 SUV, which have a higher pure electric range are said to benefit the most if this technology is to be implemented.

The automaker has been demonstrating this technology to the German authorities in cities which are mulling a ban on traditional combustion engines to meet with the EU’s stringent clean air regulations. Germany’s administrative court passed a ruling allowing German cities to ban fossil fuel based vehicles in a move to improve air quality.

Ever since Volkswagen’s diesel scandal broke out in 2015, many major cities across the world have been gunning for ban on combustion engines, especially diesel.

Even after providing large incentives for buying electric vehicles, EV adoption across the spectrum has been largely disappointing due to a lot of factors such as limited charging infrastructure, lower driving range. This makes hybrid vehicles one of the most viable options for vehicle buyers.

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