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Austrian Government raises the speed limit for EVs

As an innovative incentive to promote e-mobility, the Austrian Government has raised the speed-limit for electric vehicles being driven on highways by 20 mph to 80 mph as opposed to the 60 mph  speed limit for their fossil fuel powered counterparts.

The Austrian establishment has been promoting e-mobility since 2012 as a part of their ‘Electro-mobility in and from Austria’ plan. Austria also aims to significantly reduce green-house gases in order to meet their environmental targets by 2025.

Apart from the higher speed limit, Austrian EV owners will also be able to enjoy free parking. EVs will also be able to ply in the bus lanes in several parts of the country such as the busy cit of Vienna.

Electric vehicles adoption has been increasing in Austria with passing time. Sales of all electric vehicles increased by almost 27% in 2018 as compared to last year. Although, it seems that EV adoption rates are high in the country, the numbers haven’t met the expectations of the Government.

Also, it is still unclear whether these new incentives will be applicable for plug-in hybrids.

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