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Otonomo expands its Automotive Data Services Platform by collaborating with Microsoft

Otonomo, a leading Automotive Data Service Platform, announced that it is collaborating with Microsoft to build services on top of Microsoft Azure and the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. This will make it easier for OEMs to take advantage of Otonomo’s data services so they can deliver next-generation driving experiences with built in data privacy protection.

The Otonomo Platform securely ingests automotive data from OEMs, fleet operators, etc., then reshapes and enriches the data so application and service providers can use it to develop a host of new and innovative offerings that deliver value to consumers. The Otonomo ecosystem, with partners across twelve industries, provides a rich diversity of service offerings, including emergency response, mapping, on-demand fueling, parking, predictive maintenance, usage-based insurance, media measurement, in-vehicle package delivery, and dozens of smart city services.

Through the collaboration with Microsoft, OEMs adopting the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform can easily plug their connected car data into Otonomo’s existing ecosystem to quickly roll out new connected car services. With a straightforward way to bring “services of the future” to today’s drivers, the collaboration will provide new value to OEMs, drivers and service providers alike.

“Global automakers are looking for practical, scalable ways to innovate in the car,” said Asaf Weisbrot, Chief Commercial Officer at Otonomo. “Our collaboration with Microsoft will allow them to offer new, high-demand services to drivers faster than ever before. Microsoft’s cloud can handle the heavy lifting of ingesting huge volumes of sensor and usage data from connected vehicles. The Otonomo Data Services Platform makes that data more valuable by reshaping it for multiple use cases, managing consent for personal services, and dynamically anonymizing it for services based on aggregate car data.”

The Otonomo Platform is designed to protect both drivers and commercial interests, with secure data management and granular controls over what data gets shared anonymously or associated with a specific vehicle. The Otonomo Consent Management Hub provides a simple, straightforward process for drivers to grant or revoke permission for specific services that consume personal automotive data. In addition, the Otonomo Dynamic Anonymisation Engine protects driver privacy with a sophisticated combination of techniques, applied on a use-case basis, to make anonymous automotive data more usable and valuable for a diverse range of applications and services.

OEMs will be able to take advantage of integrations between the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform and these two critical capabilities for safeguarding driver privacy. They will also be able to extract aggregate data more easily to accelerate speed to market for new applications of bulk, anonymised car data.

“Car makers will benefit from Otonomo’s integration to the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform on Azure to enable easier data sharing and value creation options,” said Tara Prakriya, General Manager of Azure IoT Mobility and Connected Vehicle at Microsoft.

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