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New “OpelConnect” services now available

Opel is extending “OpelConnect” with new services. Since summer 2019, buyers of new Opel cars can enjoy additional peace of mind with on-board emergency and breakdown calls. Now they can benefit from numerous other “OpelConnect” services, such as vehicle status and information as well as LIVE Navigation (if the respective car is equipped with a navigation system).

Customers of the new Opel electric models Corsa-e and Grandland X as plug-in hybrids can also check the battery’s state-of-charge via “OpelConnect” or programme the air conditioning and charging times. This means that Opel electrified vehicles can be defrosted and warmed up or cooled down comfortably in the summer.

Access to the extended range of “OpelConnect” services is extremely easy. When purchasing a new car, customers simply order the connect box for an additional charge of as little as €300 ($333) in Germany. Alternatively, they can equip their new vehicle directly with the Navi 5.0 IntelliLink, Multimedia Navi or Multimedia Navi Pro infotainment systems, in which case the “OpelConnect” box is already standard. The “OpelConnect” box and services are available for Opel models from Corsa to Crossland X and Grandland X, Combo Life and Combo Cargo to Zafira Life and Vivaro.

As an option, Opel dealers can pre-register customers with the necessary data. The new Opel owners can then open an account in the “myOpel” customer portal and activate the services in the “OpelConnect” store. They immediately get the full overview of all available free and paid services. Particularly practical: only one registration is required in future to access and use the “myOpel” app, “myOpel” customer portal and “OpelConnect” store. All three platforms share the same login data.

Standard services that are free services are part of “OpelConnect” include eCall, Breakdown call, Vehicle Status & Information service, LIVE Navigation and so on.

eCall is activated if the airbags or seatbelt tensioners are deployed in an accident, an emergency call is made automatically to the local Public Safety Answering Point (PSAP). If no answer is received from the vehicle the PSAP sends details of the accident to the rescue services, including the time of incident, the position of the crashed vehicle and the direction of travel. An emergency call can also be triggered manually by pushing the red SOS button in the ceiling above the mirror for more than two seconds.

Breakdown call connects with the Opel mobility service. Important information such as location and diagnosis data, the time of the breakdown, water and oil temperatures and maintenance alerts can be sent automatically, if the customer wishes.

Vehicle Status & Information service will help drivers get information about their car via the “myOpel” app. Depending on the model, the available data includes mileage, average fuel consumption, service intervals and refills, and also a reminder if a scheduled service is approaching. In addition to the owner, the selected Opel dealer is also informed about service intervals and vehicle warnings, so that an appointment can be arranged.

For electrified Opel models, the “OpelConnect” range also includes e-remote control functions. Customers can use their smartphones to check the battery’s state-of-charge or programme air conditioning and charging times by remote control.

Drivers of vehicles with navigation system, who want to know more about their own driver profile from “OpelConnect”, can consult Trip & Drive Management. Trip duration, distance and average speed of the last trip are visible here. “Last-mile” guidance via Bluetooth offers car-to-door navigation to the destination (subject to the model).

LIVE Navigation provides (for three years following activation) online traffic information in real time, which allows delays to be detected quickly and avoided. The system suggests alternative routes and calculates the arrival time. It also gives information about roads with heavy traffic, so that drivers can choose a less busy route. Additional services provide information about fuel prices along the route, available parking spaces and costs, the weather and points of interest such as restaurants and hotels (or in the case of electrified models, the availability of charging stations).

“OpelConnect” and “Free2Move” offer additional, optional, country-specific paid services. These range from Charge my Car with trip planner and charging pass for e-vehicles, to special services for business customers. “Charge My Car” enables access to thousands of charging points throughout Europe via the “Free2Move” app. To make it even easier for customers to choose the right charging point, “Free2Move” makes a preselection based on the distance to the charging point, the charging speed and the charging price of the possible public charging options.

Business customers and fleet managers can benefit from special fleet service options. The scope includes various paid service packages that provide analyses of fuel consumption and driving style or transmit vehicle warnings in real-time as well as maintenance intervals. This makes planning easier and the fleet more efficient.

The offer from “OpelConnect” will be continuously expanded in the coming months. Many vehicle functions will be controllable remotely using the “myOpel” app for smartphones. Opel owners can, for example, lock or unlock their car via the app and if they forget where they left the vehicle in a large parking lot, the horn and lights can be activated via the “myOpel” app – voilà, the vehicle is found.

If the car is equipped with Keyless Open & Start including digital key, the vehicle can be shared with the family. Via smartphone, the owner can allow up to five people to access the car. This feature will be coming soon on the platform.

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