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New digital services from Mercedes PRO connect launched

Coordinating urgent online orders or vehicle information such as location, fuel level or any upcoming maintenance work is all conveniently possible from one’s desk or smartphone. And those are just a few examples of what Mercedes PRO connect can do.

Offered for fleets, this business-oriented connectivity and fleet solution optimises communication between fleet managers, vehicles and drivers. The products from Mercedes PRO connect can be put together individually and are offered in nine packages. From now on, the “Efficient Driving Style Analysis” package will also include a so-called “Drive Style Monitor”. Meanwhile, the already familiar “Eco Monitor” now has improved graphics and functionality. Both services are available for a fee at and provide meaningful data with which the driving behaviour – for example in terms of wear and energy or fuel consumption – can be improved.

“With the updated range of services on offer, customers now have more services available to them which will assist them in reducing their operating costs. Fleet managers, for example, can see at the push of a button how much fuel or energy their fleet is consuming and know whether or not their vans are being driven in an anticipatory fashion. Accordingly, energy or fuel consumption can be reduced, the risk of an accident can be minimised and vehicle downtimes can also be avoided. In all, it sharpens awareness concerning resource-friendly driving,” explained Bjoern Sack, Head of Connectivity and Digital Services at Mercedes-Benz Vans.

The Drive Style Monitor records the average fuel consumption as well as pulling away and acceleration characteristics, coasting behaviour and whether drivers have a consistent driving style. With the help of this driving style data, customers can motivate drivers to adopt an anticipatory driving style and subsequently optimise this by means of training courses. Fleet managers benefit from less vehicle downtime, reduced repair costs, less wear and tear on the vehicle and possibly even lower insurance premiums.

The Eco Monitor service provides users with consumption-relevant data on the vehicle fleet. The service makes available information on average fuel consumption and provides details on how much fuel could be saved by adopting a more conscious driving style. Possible “bonus kilometres” can also be shown. These are based on a careful driving manner. Also, tyre pressure and battery warnings are displayed in the Vehicle Management Tool. All of this information can be called up for an entire vehicle fleet, group or also a single vehicle.

Mercedes PRO is the digital services brand of Mercedes-Benz Vans. Under this brand, the Vans division bundles existing and future commercial service offers in a single digital platform. Mercedes PRO connect was introduced in June 2018 in line with the market launch of the new Sprinter. Besides being available in this large van, the services are now also accessible for the Vito and eVito manufactured as of May 2019 and March 2019 respectively.

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