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Mercedes-Benz Bank lets customers test the telematics-based “InScore” insurance solution

Mercedes-Benz Bank has been offering the telematics-based InScore insurance solution since 2017. The solution enables customers to lower their insurance rates by adapting their individual driving style and choosing their routes and times of travel. Since August 2020, interested customers are able to test InScore for up to three weeks for free — and with no obligation.

The test programme allows customers to become familiar with the innovative technology and the benefits it offers. Customers who decide to sign up for an InScore policy can save up to 30% on their insurance premiums: 10% will be automatically deducted when they sign up, and another 10% will be deducted if customers obtain a policy before the promotional campaign ends on December 31, 2020. Those customers who attain a good driver score will then be given another 10% discount on their premium for the following insurance year. The driver score is calculated on the basis of the customer’s driving style, the times of day they travel, and the routes they take.

The InScore test service is open to all potential customers who have a Mercedes-Benz vehicle from a model series for which the telematics solution is also available. Customers don’t need to change their existing insurance policy in order to participate in the test programme. Registration via the online portal — only requires few information, such as the customer’s name, e-mail address, and vehicle identification number. The test phase allows customers to become familiar with telematics features and does not include car insurance. If a claim situation arises, it will be handled via the customer’s existing insurance policy.

“With InScore, we are offering an innovative insurance solution that enables our customers to influence the rates they pay by their driving behaviour,” said Gebhard Mayerhofer, Head of Insurance at Mercedes-Benz Bank. “This makes it possible for us to accommodate our customers’ wishes for greater flexibility and transparency. By giving customers the opportunity to test this principle for three weeks, we make it easier for them to ultimately switch over because they become familiar with how the system works and the benefits it offers before they actually have to make a decision.”

The telematics-based InScore insurance solution has been offered in cooperation with HDI Versicherung in the German market since 2017. The data used in the solution is collected via the “Mercedes me connect Communication Module”, which is included in the vehicle ex works. In other words, no additional hardware is needed. InScore makes it possible for customers to directly influence the insurance rate they’re charged. Customers enjoy full transparency at all times via the “Mercedes me finance Portal”. For example, they can view their driver score anytime and then adjust their driving behaviour as needed. Customers can also suspend the transmission of data at any time.

All information about a customer’s driving behaviour is made anonymous before being transmitted in a manner that complies with the most stringent data protection regulations. The insurance company only receives an average driver score once a year. The insurer then uses it to calculate the discount to be awarded for the following year. Individual data on driving style, time of travel, and routes is not sent to the insurer and can only be viewed by the customer.

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