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Kiekert paves the way to autonomous door systems

Cars of the future always will be more intelligent and they also will be able to drive autonomously.

Kiekert, the technology leader in automotive locking systems, is developing intelligent products for the future to support the autonomous driving trend, as well as other trends. With its autonomous door concept, Kiekert has taken a decisive step in this direction: a combination of the latest Kiekert technologies and innovations─the Kiekert NuEntry electric door latch, Kiekert’s i-protect and i-move.

In the future, these innovations will intelligently control access into vehicles, prevent unnecessary dents and scratches on vehicle doors, and help them to completely prevent injuries to pedestrians and other vehicles.

Kiekert’s vision for car doors of the future is based on more than 100 years of research and development work. Celebrating its 160th anniversary this year, the German auto supplier has grown from a small local business to a global partner for the industry’s leading automakers.

In its 160-year history, Kiekert has developed and produced well over 1.9 billion latches for the international automotive industry and managed to provide innovative safety, comfort and efficiency solutions: starting with the mechanical latch up to the modern electric access NuEntry-Latch, and from micro actuators for locking and unlocking functions to the electrical comfort actuator for side doors – i-move. The automotive supplier’s latest product solutions also include the electromagnetic brake system i-protect with dynamic environment recognition.

Kiekert currently is combining these three technologies into the autonomous door, which raises access to the vehicle to a new level. With Kiekert’s vision of the autonomous door, entering a car becomes much more convenient: the NuEntry electric door latch allows automatic opening of the vehicle door using a fingertip or even digital devices (e.g. smartphones).

An important step towards the self-opening door is Kiekert’s i-move, which allows automatic opening and completes the closing process. The opening process of the door is completed with the Kiekert i-protect, a modernised sensor system for dynamic field recognition coupled with an innovative door brake system.

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