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Israeli Cellular Operator ‘Pelephone’ to partner with Enigmatos, an Automotive Cybersecurity Startup

Pelephone recently signed a collaboration agreement with Enigmatos, which will provide technology consulting to the company’s Smart Cars Department.

Pelephone entered the field of connected cars with the launch of the Pelephone Car service which transforms each vehicle into a “smart” car. The cooperation with Enigmatos indicates the importance that Pelephone attributes to the field of connected cars.

Enigmatos, an Israeli startup, has developed technology to protect vehicles from cyber attacks. The company’s President is Major General (Ret.) Ami Shafran, previously the Head of the Israeli Defense Forces’ Information & Communication Technology (ICT) and Cyber Defence Command.

The startup’s founders are Eyal Kamir (CEO), an entrepreneur in the automotive field for over 20 years, and Alexander Fok (CTO), who held senior positions in leading cyber companies such as Verint and CheckPoint.

The technology developed by Enigmatos detects and prevents hardware and software cyber attacks on both existing and future vehicles. Enigmatos creates a unique digital profile (like a digital fingerprint) for each vehicle and uploads it to the cloud. This allows the company to not only detect accurately the source of the attack but also intercept it immediately and precisely. The patent-pending technology is the first of its kind.

The company’s unique technology recently led Enigmatos to be recognised as Finalist in the category of Security, Automatisation & Cybersecurity of the Mondial Tech Startup Awards competition. The competition is part of the Paris Motor Show, which attracts over one million visitors and took place last October.

“We are happy to announce this important collaboration with Pelephone, which is becoming a leading player in the field of smart cars in Israel,” said Eyal Kamir, CEO of Enigmatos, “The agreement we recently signed is proof of the confidence Pelephone has in Enigmatos’ ability to face cybersecurity challenges in connected cars.”

“Today, the entire automotive industry is turning towards smart cars,” said Ilan Sigal, VP of Marketing at Pelephone, “The options available to customers with the Pelephone Car service are both considerable and diverse, including: in-vehicle WiFi, information regarding the vehicle’s status and driver behavior, detecting vehicle location, and the ability to enjoy online videos, music, and radio. We intend to continue developing this service in additional spheres, which is exactly why we chose to collaborate with Enigmatos, to remain one step ahead of everyone and ensure that our customers receive the best of both worlds – a connected car with all that it entails, as well as peace of mind with the help of solutions provided by Enigmatos.”

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