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QCraft raises Series Seed funding round

QCraft confirmed that it has raised an eight-figure USD investment in a seed funding round from IDG Capital, Vision+ Capital, and Tide Capital. According to media reports, the company has raises over $24 million in this round.

QCraft is building a technology that can handle the most challenging driving situations in complex urban environments. The mission at QCraft is to bring autonomous driving into real life by using a large-scale intelligent simulation system and a self-learning framework for decision-making and planning.

The company is focussing on providing its partners with practical solutions for a variety of business applications covering a wide range of use cases in complex urban environments. It uses technology of sensor fusion and synchronisation that ensures better and faster object detection while utilising the capabilities of different types of sensors and improve the robustness of the system.

The company can reshape the corner case solution in the simulation environment. Based on the existing real drive data, the simulation system can also generate a huge amount of real scenario data. The framework can learn from various challenging situations in the simulation scenarios, and seek optimal motion planning and decision-making to ensure the safety and comfort of the driving experience.

QCraft acquired the California public road test permit four months after it’s founding. The company has been conducting tests on California’s public roads since July 2019.  Since then, the company has entered a rapid growth phase and business development has taken off. As of March 2020, QCraft has offices in Silicon Valley, Beijing, Shenzhen, Suzhou, as well as other tech hubs in China.

As one of the world-leading providers of self-driving technology, QCraft is working with several global partners to deploy the QCraft driver in a variety of business applications and bring autonomous driving into real life.

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