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PerceptIn launches the DragonFly Pod

PerceptIn, a full-stack visual intelligence company focused on robotics, announced the launch of DragonFly Pod, the people’s autonomous vehicle (AV) priced at $40,000.

Created with PerceptIn’s visual intelligence technology, DragonFly is the first autonomous vehicle to combine patented vision-based sensor fusion with a patented modular computing system to provide a safe and reliable method of transport in low-speed environments.

To ensure safety and enable immediate deployment, the DragonFly Pod, which maxes out at 20 miles per hour, is initially equipped for corporate and university campuses and areas with limited traffic to transport employees and goods. Following technology enhancements, PerceptIn will be able to deploy vehicles suited for high-speed scenarios.

“The barriers preventing the ubiquitous adoption of clean energy autonomous vehicles are technology reliability, safety, ethical and affordability concerns,” said Jean-Luc Gaudiot, IEEE Fellow, 2017 IEEE Computer Society President and Distinguished Professor at UC Irvine. “With PerceptIn’s vision intelligence technology, the DragonFly combats these challenges and has the potential to offer the benefits of a self-driving car to people globally.”

“We believe the DragonFly is a truly disruptive technology that has the potential to transform robotics and the autonomous driving industry,” said Jaeyoung Shin, the Head of Samsung Ventures China.

“With PerceptIn’s DragonFly, we can ensure the wellbeing of our students, faculty and staff while creating a more efficient and clean energy transportation system on our university campus,” said Weisong Shi, IEEE Fellow, Professor at Wayne State University, director of the CAR Lab.

“At PerceptIn, we’re dedicated to uncovering the potential of robotisation,” said Dr. Shaoshan Liu, Founder and Chairman of PerceptIn.

“To do this successfully, you have to solve for the challenge of robotic perception. Through sophisticated engineering, the robot can see and understand the world around it to know precisely where it is regardless if a GPS signal is blocked. With our engineering team’s expertise in artificial intelligence, system integration, hardware engineering, and optics, PerceptIn has essentially built the ‘eye’ for robots and implemented our product, the DragonFly Pod.”

“At PerceptIn, our vision hasn’t been to just create a great technology company that could make robotisation ubiquitous in the form of autonomous vehicles (AVs), but to scale the benefits of robotisation and autonomous driving to all citizens, including those whose livelihoods will be affected by the coming robotisation revolution, and not just to the privileged few.”

“We are also committed to the task of enabling people to create AVs and not just use them. People often say that building an autonomous vehicle is just as difficult and far-fetched as building a rocket but we disagree. In fact, we’ve simplified the whole process to make the building of autonomous vehicles not that much different from that of building with legos.”

PerceptIn has developed a method for modularising key components of AVs such that even individuals with a limited engineering background can easily integrate these five or six components to build their own autonomous vehicle.

“Our lego-like approach is more than just about encouraging people to have fun building their own AVs. When people think of AVs, they often think of cars on the road. But there are so many other applications. A farmer, for instance, can use the resources and knowledge we provide in our textbook, community and comic book style manuals on how to build his or her own autonomous machine for his farm.”

PerceptIn Founder Shaoshan Liu brings over 150 U.S. and international patents on robotics and autonomous driving to his work on the DragonFly.

PerceptIn is now selecting customers for their pilot program. The DragonFly Pod will be available for purchase in the U.S in November of 2018 for $40,000.

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