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Major upgrade of Subaru EyeSight adds new “Touring Assist” function

Subaru Corporation has announced a major upgrade of its EyeSight driver assist system. A new Touring Assist function will greatly reduce driver burden through automated control of acceleration, braking, and steering at all vehicle speeds, including expressway traffic jams. The upgraded EyeSight system will be fitted as standard equipment on new Levorg and WRX S4 models to be released in Japan this summer.

First introduced in 2008, EyeSight is an original Subaru system that supports safe driving by using stereo cameras to monitor the road ahead and apply sophisticated control when necessary. The stereo cameras enable the system to constantly scan the area in front of the vehicle and judge distance similarly to human eyes. Advanced recognition capabilities enable EyeSight to distinguish vehicles, pedestrians, and lane markings, monitor wide viewing angles, visually confirm distances, and recognise brake lights through color imaging. Based on driving conditions and information obtained by its “eyes,” the software constituting the system’s “brain” judges the necessary degree of control and can act as “hands and feet” to apply appropriate vehicle control in accordance with circumstances. The potential of the stereo cameras is further enhanced by a range of sensors, achieving even higher levels of driver assistance in various settings.

In previous versions of EyeSight, Lane Tracing Control only operated at speeds of 60 km/h or more, but the new Touring Assist function extends operation to any speed range. It also adds automated steering that follows the preceding vehicle in the same lane , teamed with Adaptive Cruise Control to assist drivers with automated control of acceleration, braking, and steering on expressways. Subaru’s original stereo camera technology simultaneously uses information on lane markings and preceding vehicles to offer consistent operation in a wide range of real-world settings, greatly reducing driver burden.

The new Levorg and WRX S4 will be Subaru’s first Japan-spec models to be equipped with Reverse Automatic Braking. As a factory option , purchasers can also select the EyeSight Safety Plus package, which extends the scope of driver awareness to further refine all-around safety for greater peace of mind.

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