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Ex NASA astronauts join the DAV Foundation’s autonomous vehicles mission

DAV Foundation, the blockchain startup building a decentralised network for autonomous vehicles, has announced that former astronauts Scott Horowitz and George Zamka have joined their panel of advisors. Having backgrounds as NASA space shuttle astronauts, Horowitz and Zamka are extensively well versed in both aerospace and aviation. Between them they have six space missions, four of which were missions to the International Space Station (ISS).

Horowitz flew four space flights and has logged over a thousand hours in space including commanding the STS-105 mission that involved transferring crew, supplies and hardware to the ISS and returning the ISS crew of the previous mission. He also served as the NASA Associate Administrator for Exploration. Prior to his career at NASA, Horowitz served in the US Air Force as a T-38 instructor pilot, F-15 fighter pilot and Test Pilot after having obtained his doctorate in aerospace engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.

Zamka was the commander of the STS-130 mission to the ISS and has held notable roles at the Federal Aviation Administration, such as Deputy Associate Administrator for Commercial Space Transportation. Similar to Horowitz, Zamka has a background in the US Air Force and has flown 66 combat missions over Kuwait and Iraq in the early 90s.

“The future of transportation, whether on the road or in the air, will become more dependent on automation” said Horowitz. “Automation provides a lot of opportunities as well as challenges. DAV is developing the technology today to address many of these challenges by creating a decentralized network for autonomous vehicles to greatly improve operations of logistics companies.”

Both advisors are keen advocates of blockchain and drone technology. Horowitz’s current role at Doc’s Aerospace provides flight tests and technical services to all sectors of aerospace including drones.

Zamka said, “DAV will bring the benefits of blockchain and autonomous vehicles to the masses. Why have goods on the dock, people on the roadside, and vehicles in the lot? Why not break down barriers and bring all them together efficiently and securely?”

The new advisors will provide DAV with the expertise to create promote a network for autonomous vehicles – making them safer and opening up the market to the new and innovative solutions that autonomous vehicles can provide.

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